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The plant element, combined with the mineral, plays a crucial role in creating the atmosphere you are looking for: it structures, balances and harmonizes the different components of your space.

The creation of a garden is based on the plant composition that frames the mineral achievements necessary for most of the developments carried out in our regions, through a harmony of colors, shapes and textures. It is when we combine knowledge of Mediterranean diversity and aesthetic sense.

Petitjean Paysage, based in Biot in the Alpes-Maritimes, specializes in landscaping and creating gardens.

We have 25 years of experience in outdoor landscaping, waterfalls and indoor landscaping in our Paca region, more precisely in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var departments.


Sustainable garden

Reduction of treatments, ecological water management

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Zen garden

A calm and relaxing place

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Dry garden

For a garden without watering

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Water garden

For a fresh and lively atmosphere

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Mediterranean garden

A holiday landscape all year round

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Garden design

The landscaped garden

A multifaceted art

Since 1993, we have been developing your land, through rigorous and tailor-made thinking in order to create the atmosphere you have chosen allowing the creation of gardens, riprap, waterfall, pools and fountains and earthworks.

We support you through the entire process from design to completion, so that your garden or landscaping project progresses as a dynamic element, which improves over time.

We carry out our landscaping and garden creation work with the same rigor as a building builder or an artist wishing to succeed in his work, and with the constant concern of ensuring their sustainability.

While reflecting your tastes and your personality, your landscaping must be designed according to the time you can devote to its maintenance.

Let's discuss your garden creation project together. Whatever style of ambiance you want, Petitjean Paysage is there to create the most beautiful and harmonious garden with you!


A creative team

An enthusiastic and experienced team dedicated to your project


Custom service

An irreproachable and personalized quality of work


The love of the garden

Passionate for more than 25 years, Petitjean Paysage meets all your needs


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Earthworks - Roads & main networks

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Riprap - Cascade

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Petitjean Landscape will meet your needs from the Var to the Alpes-Maritimes

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