Our Convictions

From art to technique

Landscape designer by vocation

Natural beauty

The company Petitjean Paysage is a proof that man can still surpass himself to create wonders with nature. Convinced that a beautiful garden requires know-how and a good philosophy.

Our respect for the environment has always led us to understand the landscapes that we create with a benevolent look and reasoned reflection both ecologically and economically, with a natural aesthetic.

Petitjean Paysage is a responsible company, our built works are legally covered. Our seriousness is an essential asset to carry out your projects.

Safety at work, Petitjean Paysage feels fully concerned. Protecting everyone working in our company but also on our sites is a priority. We assess all risks, material and human, and impose firm regulations in accordance with the legislation. Prevention and training while listening, Petitjean Paysage is reassuring.

Contributing to the development of our region by involving suppliers, craftsmen and local businesses is not just a question of ethics. This allowed us to discover and surround ourselves with real talented professionals, who helped carry out sometimes difficult or complex projects.

Petitjean Landscape will meet your needs from the Var to the Alpes-Maritimes

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