Efficient Excavations

Earthworks, VRD Works

Soil preparation

Earthworks by our landscape experts

Earthworks are part of the preliminary work necessary for the implementation of a structure. Depending on the terrain, earthworks may require very different machines and tools, but the base remains the same. By working closely for years with surveyors and architects, the landscaper will be able to determine the nature of the soil, the levels and optimize the management of extracted materials. The smooth running of a construction site guarantees, the saving of existing materials and respects a schedule.

Our company is directly concerned by the quality of the desired work, we anticipate your possibilities and we project ourselves on the desired aesthetics. Desiring to always surpass itself, Petitjean Paysage has specialized in so-called "difficult" accesses, cramped construction sites, extreme slopes, rocky banks.

The man observing nature, begins to mimic it, for this purpose the company is well equipped: spider, crawler excavator, loader, kneader, crane, BRH .... From a large-scale operation to a small project. We adapt to your project.

Wall building and ground levelling

Different techniques and processes, studied and mastered

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Excavation or embankment

Efficient solutions to enhance the existing material and limit transport costs

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Techniques for securing sloping land

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Search for sole

The assurance of a solid base for heavy frames

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Earthworks, VRD Works


Roads and various networks

The quality of your Roadworks and Diverse Networks is very important since it defines the well-being of the arteries of your property. Our approach to the overall management of the resources of a garden naturally led us to take into consideration this aspect, which is part of a development between Earthmoving and Green Spaces.

This service often not visible on the surface is not negligible. Strict regulations must be respected. The seriousness of Petitjean Paysage continues to satisfy the customers, who we have already trusted and remain years after, listening to them.

As the sole interlocutor, we ensure perfect compliance with the specifications.

Automatic watering

To save time and money

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All Connection

Careful work respecting the current standards

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For the durability of your installations against bad weather and for soil management

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Retention pond

Responsible water management thanks to the best techniques

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Accompaniment in your connection projects

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Analytical expertise

A global approach to needs for relevant and sustainable solutions



An experienced team recognized for its professionalism and availability



The company anticipates, values ​​and advises you for more logical and effective solutions


We also carry for you :

Landscape design

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Riprap - Cascade

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Petitjean Landscape will meet your needs from the Var to the Alpes-Maritimes

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