Exterior Design


Timeless creations

Landscaping of green areas through
the harmony of textures and colors.

For a long time the garden has played an important role in our lives, both vegetable/fruit gardens and flower gardens. It should be an outdoor living room fitting your personality with a theme.

Everything must be harmonious, such as rocks that look aged

Our teams of qualified and experienced professionals will deliver a completely finished garden, with the magic of our know-how. Just like the hanging gardens of Babylon, for us nothing is impossible.

Our experienced team offers you a landscaping and garden creation where each stage of your project is marked by great professionalism, attention to detail and a quality of careful service in the image of your wishes ..

Vegetated Roof

Sustainability and energy efficiency

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False rocks

From illusion to reality

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High Standards

A detail-oriented company

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Hanging garden

Timeless creations

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Public market

Study and rigor to meet your exact expectations

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Landscape Design

Interior Design

Interior design into your home

What if the garden invites itself to your home? Surprise your relations with an atypical decor. More than just houseplants, we propose that you create a beautiful custom-made project. Mixing an outdoor landscape indoors is both a challenge and a pride.

We have already carried out basins, waterfalls, rock pinning, green partition, real stone veneer, etc ...
All of this in completely different villas. The result has given us our excellent reputation as a landscape artist.


A creative team

An enthusiastic and experienced team dedicated to your project


Custom service

An irreproachable and personalized quality of work


The love of the garden

Passionate for more than 25 years, Petitjean Paysage meets all your needs


We also carry for you :

Earthworks - Roads & main networks

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Riprap - Cascade

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Petitjean Landscape will meet your needs from the Var to the Alpes-Maritimes

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