The nobility of the landscape maintenance

A commitment to quality

A personalized approach

Petitjean Paysage is able to offer you a panel of services.

  • Basic = mowing, brushing, pruning, and cleaning of roads

  • Complete = (Basic) + Management of irrigation systems, pruning, nutrient supply.

  • Customized '' à la carte '' = (Complete) + Analysis, biological and reasoned treatment, a unique and specific service to your garden with accurate reports.

Faced with a climate change that has been happening for a few years, our gardeners and gardeners have reinvented themselves and acclimated. Willing to perpetuate your green spaces, we have adapted. We advise you to anticipate and plan: seasons, pests, diseases and other hazards.

Battery equipment

For the maintenance of your gardens, the Petitjean Paysage company is equipped with the latest technology. Quieter, less polluting and more precise

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UA selection of techniques and know-how taking into account the ecological impact of our time

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Safe working

Absolute priority on each of our sites thanks to standard tools and awareness of the risks of the trade in order to prevent any accident for both our teams and our customers

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The maintenance of your garden

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Our multidisciplinary team offers our clients high quality services and follow-up



Gardens maintained with rigor and methodology to guarantee an irreproachable result



The company is delicate and knows how to blend in with the landscape in order to respect the privacy of its customers


We also carry for you :

Landscape design

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Riprap - Cascade

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Earthworks - Roads & main networks

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Petitjean Landscape will meet your needs from the Var to the Alpes-Maritimes

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