Rockfill - Cascade

Structure your reliefs

Natural beauty

For a dream garden

Rockfill: n.m technique: Set of rock BLOCK that is crammed to serve as a foundation or protection for LANDSCAPES.

But again .... Riprap may be an economical alternative to a concrete retaining wall, but its advantage lies mainly in its aesthetics.

Cyclopean or landscaped, rip rap creates an ornamental environment of character enhanced by the natural beauty of the rock.

Complement your garden with the old and mysterious charm of the stones, more than natural, it is obvious.

Cyclopean rock fill

Thoughtful assembly of rock for rigorous support

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Landscape riprap

An aesthetic and well thought out pose of rocks for natural decorations

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For natural integration in your garden

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Dry stone wall

Mastery of choice and size for an arrangement of stones from ancestral techniques

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To give cachet to unsightly masonry

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For an efficient and economical support structure

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Specific Equipment

Petitjean Paysage is equipped for all types of landscaping works


Mastery of the reliefs

In-depth experience of the geographical characteristics of the PACA region


Experienced Team

For more than 25 years, we have realized the dreams of our customers in their interior and exterior design projects

Rockfill - Cascade

Water sports

Waterfall, basin, fountain

From Versailles to Japan the presence of water in the gardens provides entertainment, serenity and symbolism altogether.

We make creeks and waterfalls, without limit of size, thanks to material and materials adapting to your reliefs (Liner, Concrete, Shell). If your land is not steep enough for the creation of a waterfall, we often use the land of the future water feature to create the relief needed for your relaxing decor.


Give an aquatic and poetic dimension to your garden

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An ornamental pond in the heart of your garden

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A natural watercourse that will draw you daily

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Waterfall and water wall

Ambient creations conducive to relaxation and wonder

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A natural aquatic show that will amaze your guests

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Our team puts its know-how and creativity at the service of the realization of your aquatic project



Petitjean Paysage is constantly developing innovative and original ideas, exceeding the standards of the industry



A unique and tailor-made approach so that your facilities can stand out from all others


We also carry for you :

Landscape design

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Earthworks - Roads & main networks

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